If you haven’t already, head over to our services page for more detailed information on the specifics of what we inspect. We provide a complete visual inspection of all the major components of the house including the roof and exteriors, the attic and crawlspace, electrical, heating and plumbing, and more!

Q. How much does a home inspection cost?

We get this question all the time. The honest answer is that no two houses are the same and each is based on a number of factors. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you a quote over the phone!

Q. How long does an inspection take to complete?

The time it takes to complete an inspection depends on the age, size type of foundation as well as general condition of the property. To be at the property for at least 2 hours should be expected.

Q. What’s included in the report?

We think our report is among the best in the State. Take a look at one of our sample reports to see it for yourself! It breaks down the house by individual components (roof/electrical/crawlspace, etc.) for easy reading. It also includes all the photos taken during the inspection to point out any issues that may have been found.

Q. When do I get the report?

Everything we do at 4K Home Inspections is done digitally, including our reports. We guarantee that the report will be emailed to you by 11:59 PM the following business evening. In most cases, we’ll have it to you before then and in some cases that same day, but that is our deadline and you can hold us to it.

Q. Who is responsible for repairs to any issues found by the inspector?

Everything in a real estate transaction is negotiable. Typically the realtors are the instrument in negotiating any necessary repairs.

Q. Will my lender see the inspection report?

No. Our clients pay for the information in the report. Oftentimes, with your permission, we will send a courtesy copy to your agent, but the report is your property and only you can decide who to share it with.

Q. Will the inspection report include the cost of repairs?

No. Home inspectors should stick to what they do best, which is educating and reporting information. Providing costs and giving estimates would be best suited for a contractor who would be more in-tune with material and labor costs than your home inspector would.

Q. Do I need to be on-site during the home inspection?

We encourage all of our clients to be present during the inspection, but it is not required. A great deal of information can be passed along to the homebuyer just by walking around with your inspector and seeing what he sees.

Q. What happens after I receive the report?

At this point, you have the results of the inspection. You can now work with your agent to decide what to do, whether it is to move ahead with the deal or not or to make a counteroffer and ask for repairs. That’s all up to you. Beyond that, but we hope to keep in touch with you and want to be a resource to you as long as you wish. You are welcome to come to us with any technical questions at any time and we’ll gladly do our best to help in any way we can.

Our team of professionals at 4K Home Inspections has been providing Brenham, TX residents with some of the most thorough and accurate information using cutting-edge home inspection technology. With solid construction industry knowledge, we give each of our clients a greater sense of confidence in their buying decision by identifying issues that, if left unchecked, could cost them so much money down the drain.

At 4K Home Inspections, your best Brenham TX Home Inspection Company,  we know what it means to have a good understanding of the condition of a property you’re looking to buy. So whether you want a more comprehensive whole house inspection, our licensed and certified Brenham TX home inspectors are here to help. We offer first-rate home inspections to clients in College Station, Bellville, Hempstead, Waller, Navasota, Giddings, Sealy, Cypress, Magnolia, Katy, and Somerville, Texas.

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